Promoting learning

Vita cum morte brings together people, some with decades of experience in the funeral industry. At events organised by the association, this wealth of knowledge on the many aspects of burial is made accessible to many people. These include seminars and lectures on techniques of embalming and dissecting the deceased, as well as hygiene and mourning courses.

Training, further education and study

Vita cum morte acts as a contact point for educational offers in the cremation industry. The association cooperates with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), among others, and promotes training courses relevant to the crematorium business:

  • Industrial clerk
  • Management assistant in office management
  • Warehouse logistics specialist
  • Machine and plant operator

Together with the Association of German Undertakers (BDB) and the Düsseldorf Chamber of Crafts, vita cum morte also offers further training to become a cremation assistant or cremation technician. Specialist topics such as oven technology and emission protection are examined, as well as relevant business aspects.

Depending on the qualification, we also support and accompany junior staff during their studies. Relevant courses of study include:

  • (technical) business administration
  • Psychology, human resources management, marketing
  • Mechanical and plant engineering

Scholarships for foreign specialists

The funeral industry is internationalising and networking. Therefore, the association offers scholarships and internships for young professionals and career changers from abroad. In this way, female applicants are given the opportunity to work at a location of the Association of Independent Cremation Facilities. At the same time, they can get to know life in Germany. Afterwards, they bring their experience and newly acquired knowledge back home. Vita cum morte assumes the costs for the scholarship holders’ travel to and from their home country as well as their stay in Germany.

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