Advancing research

Many crematoria have significantly reduced their emissions and energy needs in recent years. Some ovens run completely power-based and with green energy. Closed combustion systems keep temperatures constant even in stand-by mode. Coffins are made from banana leaves and wicker, helping to conserve natural resources. To ensure that this positive development continues, vita cum morte promotes interdisciplinary dialogue in the fields of technology and health.

Drawing insights from data

Vita cum morte invests in research and development in the field of cremation technology and awards corresponding contracts to scientific institutions such as the University of Kiel in Germany. In addition, the association conducts its own studies, while we aresharing the results with the relevant authorities in line with our non-profit status. In the Corona pandemic, vita cum morte for instance has been contributing anonymous data on the deceased for analyses conducted by the Institutes of Forensic Medicine in Hamburg and the Charité in Berlin.

Knowledge transfer without limits

Vita cum morte also exchanges information with representatives of other sectors and industries across national borders. After all, many sectors are interested in topics such as furnace and control technology as well as industrial automation. The exchange of knowledge and experience takes all participants forward — this is what vita cum morte stands for and what drives all employees and members of this association — for the benefit of society and nature.

Here is a selection of our partners from research and industry:

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