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The vita cum morte academy offers a range of courses and seminars tailored to the needs of the cremation sector. The aim isn’t only to ensure quality standards within the sector through staff development, but to boost quality in a joint effort. The workshops enable employees and managers to actively advance their own company as well as the entire sector.

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Basics and in-depth knowledge of system operation and control

Type: live seminar
Number of participants: 6-10
Fee: 170 €

Die Feuerbestattungen Stade
Ferdinand-Porsche-Str. 5, 21684 Stade

| Course no 24-101
Date: 12.02.2024

Key topics:

  • Structure, types, functions of ovens, control and filter technology
  • General safety devices (fire protection, PPE, first aid kit)
  • Important regulations (27th BImSchV,
  • VDI-3891, accident prevention regulations)
  • Oxygen management and energy efficiency
  • Effective interaction of the system components
  • Process control and its impact on emissions and system wear
  • Inspection and Maintenance
  • Manual regulation and control of cremation systems

Key compentencies learned:

  • Knowledge of system function and safety as well as general protective devices
  • Recognize and improve procedures
  • Reduction of emissions and equipment wear
  • Condition monitoring to avoid operational failures

Methods and tools for successful leaders

Type: live seminar
Number of participants: 6-15
Fee: 270 €

Elbstrand Resort Krautsand
Elbstraße 1, 21706 Drochtersen

| Course no 24-604
Date: 04.-05.03.2024

The one and a half day course focuses on teaching basic skills for your leadership work. Based on the most important instruments, you will reflect on your leadership work in a collegial exchange. So that you can use your leadership behavior more specifically and master critical situations in professional practice even more successfully.

Key topics:

  • Basic leadership tasks
  • Leadership and leadership personality
  • Leadership styles and their impact
  • Lead motivatingly
  • Communication and feedback in everyday management
  • Management tool employee discussions

Key compentencies learned:

  • Know and develop leadership tasks
  • Understand and consciously shape your own leadership role
  • Know leadership styles and reflect on your own leadership style
  • Positively influence motivation through leadership behavior
  • Express recognition and criticism appropriately
  • Conduct employee discussions constructively

Hygienic basics for working in a crematorium

Type: practical seminar
Number of participants: 10-12
Fee: 170 €

Die Feuerbestattungen Schwerin
Am Krebsbach 1, 19061 Schwerin

| Course no 24-401
Date: 08.04.2024

Knowledge of the hygienic basics for working in a crematorium is essential for occupational safety. In this seminar we will show you what is important.

Key topics:

  • Legal basis for supply
  • Hygiene and disinfection
  • Care for the deceased in accordance with DIN EN 15017
  • Determination of death and medical postmortem
  • Basic care for the deceased
  • German Infection Protection Act
  • Microbiology with a focus on infections
  • Materials and goods knowledge

Key compentencies learned:

  • Improvement of hygienic behavior in general and when dealing with the deceased
  • Competent handling of hygiene and infections
  • Protection and safety for employees, customers and visitors

Accompaniment, decoration and speeches with short farewells

Type: live seminar
Number of participants: 6-15
Fee: 170 €

Elbstrand Resort Krautsand
Elbstraße 1, 21706 Drochtersen

| Course no 24-603
Date: 13.05.2024

In order to enable funeral ceremonies in a stylish ambience, to respond appropriately to the mourners and at the same time to improve the company’s service portfolio, a combination of sensitivity and specialist knowledge is required. We’ll show you what that can look like.

Key topics:

  • What is grief?
  • Phases, types and processes of grief
  • The correct way to deal with mourners when saying short goodbyes
  • Grief work and coping
  • Decoration for accompanied cremations or short farewells
  • The right address
  • Working with mourners

Key compentencies learned:

  • Knowledge of the concept and diversity of “mourning”
  • Appropriate behavior towards those who are grieving
  • Methods for self-competence
  • Appropriate decorating for funerals and short farewells

Preparation for obtaining trademarks and quality seals

Type: live seminar
Number of participants: 6-20
Fee: 170 €

Elbstrand Resort Krautsand
Elbstraße 1, 21706 Drochtersen

| Course no 24-606
Date: 27.05.2024

The seminar “Quality Management in Crematoriums” provides you with optimal basics and in-depth specialist knowledge
a membership with the quality leaders in the industry.

Key topics:

  • Personal, professional and operational requirements for membership and certification of crematoria
  • Compliance with ethical principles and quality standards
  • Qualification of employees and further training measures
  • Limit values that must be complied with by law

Key compentencies learned:

  • Responsible use of resources
  • Improve your company’s strategic external presence
  • Transparent dealings with the bereaved

Theory and practice of forklift operation and driving

Type: Practical seminar with final exam
Number of participants: 10-12
Fee: 250 €

IFZW Zwickau
Kopernikusstraße 53, 08058 Zwickau

| Course no 24-302
Date: 10.06.2024

Course content:

  • Safe handling of the forklift / pallet truck, the components and controls
  • Behavior in the company: commissioning, accidents at work, requirements for the driver
  • Picking up and stacking loads
  • Stability of the forklift
  • Loading and unloading of vehicles
  • Load securing
  • Towing trailers
  • Driving on public roads
  • Instruction on the forklift / pallet truck, the components and controls
  • Behavior and dangers when handling
  • Operational and road safety inspection
  • Familiarization drive, driving through a course
  • Loading, stacking and depositing
  • Stopping the forklift

Training process:

Please bring a current passport photo, safety shoes and clothing appropriate for the weather to the training session. There is a theoretical final test and a practical test drive. After successfully completing the final exams, the forklift license is awarded.

Key compentencies learned:

  • Additional qualification “forklift license”
  • Protection and safety for drivers and other parties involved

Correct use and reading of measurement technology

Type: Training
Number of participants: 25
Fee: 170 €*

Bundesverband Deutscher Bestatter e. V.
Cecilienallee 5, 40474 Düsseldorf

| Course no 24-102
Date: 05.-06.08.2024

By combining the expertise of the three experts Dr Jörg Bachmann, Dr Gebhard Schetter and Sven Graf, the course is intended to appeal to all responsible employees of crematoria and environmental authorities alike. Great importance is attached to the correct evaluation of environmental measurement reports. In the past, it has been found that there are sometimes major differences in knowledge and interpretation in this area.

Course content:

  • Explanation of the individual emission classes for correct interpretation
  • Use the wide range of customization options for reporting
  • Creation of measurement data protocols as well as daily, monthly and annual tables
  • Visualization of current, historical or forecast measurement data with the emissions calculators: Display as a bar or line diagram
  • Carbon monoxide: key parameter for the quality of combustion
  • Emission values: CO, total C, dust, dioxins and mercury
  • Incinerator and emission reduction options
  • Exhaust gas cooling and cleaning
  • Energy audit
  • Carbon footprint

Key compentencies learned:

  • Competent use of the measurement technology calculator options
  • Targeted reporting for condition monitoring and emissions analysis
  • Sensitisation for the evaluation of emissions data


If you have any questions, please contact: Maertha Laut, phone: 04141 951053, e-mail:

To register, please complete > this registration form and send it by 10.06.2024 to
vita cum morte – Die Feuerbestattungen e.V. academy
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* A participation fee of € 170 per person will be charged for the training, which is VAT-free in accordance with § 19 para. 1 UStG. The fee includes the joint dinner on 5 August 2024 as well as the catering costs during the entire event. Accommodation costs are to be paid by the participant.

Fitness and prevention – actively prevent back pain

Type: fitness course with theory part
Number of participants: 6-15
Fee: 170 €

Die Feuerbestattungen Stade
Ferdinand-Porsche-Str. 5, 21684 Stade

| Course no 24-903
Date: 19.08.2024

Almost every third adult has back problems more often or constantly (Statista, 2022). Stress caused by monotonous and one-sided body movements, heavy or incorrect lifting or incorrect posture are common causes of back, shoulder and neck pain, especially at work. Sitting for too long, stress and tense or weak muscles can also lead to back problems.

Key topics:

  • What is back pain?
  • How and what causes back pain, especially at work?
  • How can the development of back problems at work be avoided?

What you have learned is practiced in the form of short fitness units. The active exercises are individually tailored to the needs and training level of the participants.

When the weather is nice, the practical fitness part takes place outside directly on the Elbe beach. There are no prerequisites for attending the course. Comfortable (sports) clothing and a large towel should be brought along.

Key compentencies learned:

  • Being able to recognize early warning signals from the body and react to them
  • Be able to prevent back, shoulder and neck pain
  • Increased well-being through pain-free sitting, standing and lifting at work

Refresh and deepen your knowledge in the area of funeral law

Type: live seminar
Number of participants: 6-20
Fee: 170 €

Elbstrand Resort Krautsand
Elbstraße 1, 21706 Drochtersen

| Course no 24-501
Date: 09.09.2024

Sie sind schon länger in der Branche tätig und wollen Ihr Wissen im Bereich des Bestattungsrechts auffrischen und vertiefen? Dann sind Sie in diesem Kurs genau richtig.

Der Rechtsanwalt und Spezialist im Bereich des Bestattungsrechts Ingmar-Jens Montagna vermittelt Ihnen die allgemeinen Rechts­grund­sätze der Bestattungsgesetze und deren Besonderheiten. Ziel des Kurses ist, einen rechtssicheren Umgang mit Themen der Feuerbestattung zu erlernen.

Key topics:

  • The right to burial
  • Systematics of burial laws
  • Legal principles of burial law
  • Burial types
  • Requirements for cremation
  • Legal treatment of the ashes of the dead
  • Special features of the state burial laws

Key compentencies learned:

  • Overview of the basics of funeral law
  • Legally secure handling of cremation
  • Classification of care for the dead in the legal relationship to the obligation to provide burial

History, law, technology, etc. – at a glance behind the scenes

Type: live seminar
Number of participants: 6-15
Fee: 170 €

Elbstrand Resort Krautsand
Elbstraße 1, 21706 Drochtersen

| Course no 24-601
Date: 23.09.2024

Key topics:

  • The beginnings and history of cremation in Germany
  • Legal background
  • Technology of cremation and filter systems
  • Architecture and orientation: from the crematorium to modern mourning centers
  • Possibilities and future of cremation

The course concludes with a knowledge test. Upon successful completion, a certificate of competency will be issued.

Key compentencies learned:

  • Basic knowledge of cremation
  • Represent the company safely and appropriately to the outside world

Appropriate manners and language in the crematorium

Type: live seminar
Number of participants: 6-15
Fee: 170 €

Elbstrand Resort Krautsand
Elbstraße 1, 21706 Drochtersen

| Course no 24-602
Date: 07.10.2024

The right choice of words is crucial, and not just with relatives and undertakers. The language used by colleagues also makes a decisive contribution to a company’s external presence. In this course you will gain insight into the specific crematorium vocabulary.

Key topics:

  • Language appropriate to the situation in the crematorium
  • Correct interaction among colleagues
  • Appropriate handling of customer complaints
  • Confident demeanor towards survivors
  • Using correct cremation vocabulary

Key compentencies learned:

  • Improving communication skills
  • Represent the company safely and appropriately to the outside world
  • Establish, maintain and expand customer satisfaction

Expand moderation skills

Type: live seminar
Number of participants: 6-15
Fee: 170 €

Elbstrand Resort Krautsand
Elbstraße 1, 21706 Drochtersen

| Course no 24-901
Date: 22.10.2024

The modern working world is characterized by human interaction. Everyday work in a crematorium is characterized by work in teams and groups. Moderating meetings, meetings, team meetings and the like is part of the tasks of every manager. It is therefore essential for them to develop their moderation skills.

Key topics:

  • Requirements for successful moderation
  • Attitude and role of the moderator
  • Techniques and methods of moderation
  • Visualization hand tool
  • Moderation of meetings (group processes)
  • Disturbance and conflict situations

Key compentencies learned:

  • Confident handling of different types of participants
  • Formation of team development measures to increase employee satisfaction
  • Confident use of a wide range of visualization techniques

Loading, driving and parking vans safely

Type: Driver safety training
Number of participants: 10-12
Fee: 250 €

Verkehrsübungsplatz Laatzen
Hermann-Fulle-Straße 10, 30880 Laatzen

| Course no 24-301
Date: 09.11.2024

Key topics:

  • Manoeuvring exercises
  • Reversing with rearview mirrors/marshalling person
  • Vehicle technology and motoring physics
  • Securing the load
  • Fuel saving tips
  • Seat position, steering technique, visual alertness
  • Braking in various situations:
    Surface = good grip and slippery
    Surface = slippery on one side
    In the curve (slippery surface)
  • Swerving on slippery surface
  • Understeer and oversteer on the circuit

Two people per vehicle can take part. Participating with your own van is an advantage. If this isn’t possible, please contact us and we’ll arrange a rental vehicle for you.

Key compentencies learned:

  • Tackling challenges such as limited all-round visibility, dealing with complex vehicles, blind spots, narrow entrances and the enormous influence of the load on driveability are trained systematically.
  • Safeguarding drivers

With self-coaching to improve cooperation and customer care

Type: live seminar
Number of participants: 6-15
Fee: 170 €

Elbstrand Resort Krautsand
Elbstraße 1, 21706 Drochtersen

| Course no 24-605
Date: 18.11.2024

Contact with customers places special demands on employees. In addition to the calculable tasks of everyday work, there are also a variety of unpredictable tasks for employees who come into contact with customers.

While you’re composing an email, a customer walks through the door and the phone starts ringing. A customer on the phone has an important matter, while colleagues are talking loudly in the hallway and the bills still need to be written.

Who does not know these or similar situations!?

In order to be able to master these different, often simultaneously occurring requirements in the best possible way, the seminar offers you the appropriate tools.

Key topics:

  • Psychological coaching (self-management, time management, communication style)
  • Interaction and communication in the team (team roles, social phenomena of cooperation)
  • Establish and maintain customer satisfaction
  • Mastering critical situations (complaints, criticism, frequent speakers)

Key compentencies learned:

  • Personal development through self-coaching
  • Represent the company safely and appropriately to the outside world
  • Establish, maintain and develop customer satisfaction

In-house training

Additional offer

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