vita cum morte – one association, one attitude, one goal

Dignity and responsibility in cremation

Our  areas of  activity – for the benefit of society and  the environment:


> Aktuell: Aid actions in times of crisis

For the given occasion, we have set up an extra department for the support for persons or institutions in need of help.


> Farewell in a dignified manner – for  everyone

The association advises, supports and offers financial aid to people in need to allow them to bid farewell in a dignified manner.


> Climate action

Climate protection is one of the biggest challenges  facing mankind – we make our contribution by supporting reforestation and nature conservation projects.


> Training and further education

We support young professionals from Germany and abroad during their training and strengthen professional We support young  talents from Germany and abroad during their apprenticeship and take steps to strengthen further education within the cremation sector.


> Environmental and health research

We stimulate interdisciplinary dialogue and award research contracts in the interest of public welfare, health and We promote interdisciplinary dialogue and commission research for the benefit of the public, of health and the  environment.

The vita cum morte academy offers a specific range of courses and seminars for the cremation sector. This year we have expanded our programme. In addition to the courses already offered last year, we will be giving workshops and symposia for the first time. The aim is not only to ensure the quality of the industry by promoting qualified employees, but also to develop it further together. The workshops will enable employees and managers to actively promote their own company as well as the entire sector. By developing joint approaches, incentives can be set to change things for the better. With the help of the symposia, we want to bring together representatives from business, politics and science. Scientific work and findings are to be presented and then discussed.

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